Our Oncology research focuses on discovering mechanism-based therapeutics targeted to the right patients with the ultimate goal of improving the survival and quality of life of cancer patients around the world. Novartis has a long-standing commitment to oncology research and has a diverse and robust research portfolio. Current therapeutic approaches target the pathogenic molecular mechanisms in cancer including genetic dependence (such as PI3K, ABL, BRAF, SMO, CDK4), lineage dependence (such as Wnt signaling, PRLR), stromal dependence (such as CSF1), and empiric dependence or “synthetic lethality” (such as HSP90).

The Oncology research efforts span a wide-variety of tumors including common tumors such as breast and lung cancer as well as rare tumor types including medulloblastoma and sarcomas. In addition, significant efforts are now being made to understand specific mechanisms of therapeutic resistance with the goal of creating best-in-class molecules. This focus on resistance is also naturally linked to our efforts to identify highly effective novel drug combinations.


Selected publications

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